blogging in Hamburg

hello everyone!
Today I present to you the outfit that I wore in Hamburg yesterday. 
Freshly shopped in Bremen I felt really stylish and comfortable (which could be because of my cozy shoes as well, haha).
I dressed up in the morning and feared that it wold be too warm outside for a leather jacket and my uggs. 
Luckily I didn't changed my mind! It was so cold in Hamburg and I was freezing throughout the whole morning. But anyways, Hamburg is a beautiful city and one of my most loved cities in Germany. 
I just love the whole atmospehre, the buldings, the water and especially the light. 
Everytime I take photos in Hamburg I won't ever use a filter, because they always look perfect. 
But taking photos in Hamburg was not the primary reason of our visit.
Actually we only went to Hamburg to eat tacos- which sounds quite weird, I'm noticing right now!
I bet there are taco shops in Oldenburg or at least Bremen, but a friend of us told us of the one in the Europapassage in Hamburg.
But the tacos were totally worth the 2 hour journey by train! 
Afterwards we just strolled around a bit and took some photos. 
No shopping, and besides the tacos and Starbucks no money spending at all, which felt quite refreshing after 
our shopping trip in Bremen on friday.
(btw: I'm gonna upload a post of my haul next week, which is actually not far away!)

But now, enjoy and feel free to comment ! :)

 I was wearing:
shoes- UGG
pants- forever 21
shirt- primark
jacket- H&M
scarf- Gina Tricot
bag- H&M
bracelet- H&M


Life saviors

hello everyone out there!

First of all, I'd like to thank you a lot for the positive reactions to my last blog post! All those comments were so lovely that I can definitely say, it made my day! Thank you a lot, I hope some of you will visit again and read this <3

Today I'd like to share my first beauty post ever with you! Actually it is a "new in beauty post", because I've upgraded my beuaty equipment recently.
If you have some recommendings of really good products, you use daily, or something one should definitely try out, feel free to share! I am very glad about every single comment  :)

This is my new shower gel: one ginger morning
I have to admit it was not my first choice. I usually stick to bloomy or fruity notes like mango or raspberry. 
Well, this sounds quite weird but I cannot exactely say what it smells like. I truly don't have any clue!
But what I can say is that it reminds me of a really delicious fruit Cocktail, haha!
The second thing I'd like to mention is that it wakes me up in the morning and refreshes me after my workout. It rellay makes you feel vivid and full of energy. 
Therefore I can recommend it to any summer lover or those of you who aren't morning persons, just like me :)

I am a HUGE L'oréal Fan! Basically because in my opinion they are highly qualitive for their low price. 
I started to use their products about a year ago, by buying a red nailpolish. 
My last L'oréal haul was this day cream. I used to use one from Nivea, but because my skin became extremely dry lately, I decided to switch products. 
My first impression of this cream was like wow! Because with the golden letters and the emblem on the top it looks classy. The second thing I'm really enthusiastic about is the little on the third picture, which keeps theinside of the lid from smeared cream.
Oh, by the way: It really helped me. After only three days of usage my skin became much better :)

Although it is new in I already decided this to be one of my all-time life saviors! I'm using it for about a week now and within this last week it helped me so much. I try to wash my hair only every second day because washing and styling destroys them a lot. So this was absolutely a good investment.

I'm quite on a glitter trip right now. Sounds weird but be sure I don't have anything to do with illegal products. I literally surround myself with glitter these days. I wear my glitter top, I love my glitter shoes, my handbag and by now even my nails :)

Oh hello, you other lovely L'oréal product!
This is the powder I use every day. It covers perfectly, fits brilliantly to my light skin and it doesn't make my skin dry! Besides this cute little mirror inside, is there anything left to say?


close up: episode one

good morning everybody!
i'm sorry for being late with my close up to outfit no.1 but there was a lot going on last week. i got accepted for an internship, which starts on february 1st. i totally freaked out because that means that i can move back home and don't have to finish my study, which has made me kind of unhappy. furthermore i'm coming closer to my dream of becoming a journalist. so right now i'm very happy! the second thing that kept me away from my computer and blogging was that my little sister turned 13. she wasn't expecting me to come for her birthday and therefore was very surprised.
 tomorrow i will upload a post, containing todays outfit and maybe a little insight into my private life (for me it's a special today ;). i'm very glad about every lovely comment you leave and about every criticism you offer! today, my question for you is:

would you like to see a beauty post or shall i continue writing about my last weeks fashion hauls and outfits?

partly transparent sweater- h&m, 10€

 my favourite earrings at the moment <3
sparkling earrings, black, gold, white- present from my boyfriend <3, i know they are from Iam but i didn't ask for the price ;)

 my lovely h&m clutch

-sneek peak-
one of my favourite things to wear since christmas, can you gess what it is?